Review: Blue Eye by Tracy Elner

I’ve had my copy of Blue Eye for some time now, however, I’d never gotten around to sitting down with it. It seemed that amongst all the craziness going on in the world it would be nice to take a break from my usual data-heavy personal development texts and jump into something fictional.

Blue Eye was more than I imagined it would be, it’s extremely well-researched, beautifully written, captivating the senses and immersing you in its world. I would most liken it to The Celestine Prophecy in its storytelling.

Considering the scientific, and esoteric concepts of which the story is based it’s incredibly easy to read, and once I started I could barely put it down. Thankfully, it’s the first of a trilogy so I don’t have to stop just yet. This book has it all, love, lust, governmental conspiracy, ancient texts, thrills, spills and by the end, I was left wondering how much truth lies under the surface of the poetically crafted tale. It truly feels like a story you couldn’t make up.

My take-home from Blue Eye was that even though it’s fictional it’s formed around some fascinating, well-documented concepts which I am looking forward to diving deeper into. Whether you are looking for a book to expand your thoughts on what's going on around you, or just want a captivating page-turner filled with romance, gunfight, industrial espionage and conspiracy, Blue Eye will not disappoint.

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