Christchurch, New Zealand


John is a proud supporter of The Cacao Ambassador and their vision. Their connection to the farmers and how they support locally owned Pacific businesses. He also loves that the cacao is all from the Pacific Islands, so it is a localised medicine to New Zealand.

To order please either email hello@navigatingbreath.com or send a message over on instagram.

Tane blend

The cacao is paste of this blend is from Papua New Guinea. It also contains maca, hazelnut, Pekepeke Kiore(Aotearoa Lions Mane mushroom), and is imbued with Tānekaha and Akeake.
Although this is the Tane (masculine) blend, it has nothing to do with who should drink it. This is about receiving support from masculine energy. We all hold both energies within us.
900g $85.50nzd plus postage

Wahine Blend

The cacao is paste of this blend is from the Soloman Islands and is imbued with Pūriri, Rose, Raspberry leaf, Vanilla, Wild Cacao and enriched with raspberries. This Wahine (feminine) blend invites in the feminine energy of softness and gentle holding.
900g $85.50nzd plus postage

Papua New Guinea blocks
This is a favourite. Pure paste from Papua New Guinea, great on its own or as a base for those of us who love to create our own blends.
This paste comes in 15g pieces, so it's super easy to get the ratios to taste.
600g $55nzd + postage
1kg $85nzd + postage

How to prepare cacao

A serving is around 30g.
I'd start from 25g and see how you find that first, you can always add more.
For reference, 50g is a “ceremonial” dose.
You can either use water, a nut/oat/coconut milk, or a mix of both.
1/2 - 3/4 fill the mug you are going to drink from then pour that into a pot to get the quantity of liquid correct (about 150/200ml but it depends on how thick you like it).
Allow the liquid to come to a simmer.
Add the cacao, and stir until it comes to a gentle boil which will allow it to thicken.
You can sweeten it with either honey, sugar, coconut sugar or maple syrup.