Christchurch, New Zealand


Recent client feedback

Holy f#&k that was powerful
-Toby, Entrepreneur

"I recently attended a private breathwork session with John.  He greeted me with a warm smile and a hug and continued to create a safe space throughout our time together.  He guided me through a calming breathing technique to set the scene and made sure I was completely comfortable before the main part of the session started. Once I was breathing more deeply I began to really feel the energy shifting, it was a powerful experience and John held space for my emotions to flow. Since the session, I’ve continued to benefit from the learnings and physical feelings that it brought to me.  Breathwork is truly transformative and I’ll be forever thankful for finding John."
-Claire, Doula & Breathwork facilitator

"I've never felt so safe and held before as I did with John during his breathwork sessions. He truly represents the healed masculine that is so precious and healing. I was able to process some deep wounds thanks to his gentle and supportive presence. I wholeheartedly recommend attending his sessions, it was life-changing for me!"
-Marlin, Sharman

"I have explored various mindfulness practices aimed at cultivating presence, but my experience with breathwork under the guidance of John has been truly exceptional. John exemplifies and embodies a serene and gentle presence that creates an inviting space for vulnerability and tranquillity, both prior to, during and after our group breathwork session.
His ability to instil a sense of safety and security is remarkable, and he skillfully guides participants through the process with a delicate touch. In a time marked by heightened vulnerability, having someone who offers unwavering support without imposing pressure or being overwhelming is of paramount importance. John effortlessly excels in this regard, and his adept facilitation ensures a sense of emotional stability and guidance throughout the breathwork journey. His expertise in holding space for individuals during their unique emotional experiences is truly commendable, making him an invaluable asset in the realm of breathwork and mindfulness practices."
-Jusy, Videographer

"John, I’ve never allowed myself to be that vulnerable in front of a stranger before. Yes I had close people around me that I have shared parts of my story with and feel very safe to journey with, but the way you curated such a safe environment through you being you allowed me to open and move things, things that I have purposely not looked at because they were too painful. I appreciate your gift to the world John and am grateful to have had the experience. I look forward to breathing with you again."
Zarah, Reiki Practitioner & Herbalist

"If you are intrigued by breathwork I urge you to explore it further. That was me and I am so glad I did. You won’t really know what to expect until you experience it. John holds a safe space of openness allowing you to go deeper into yourself. His calm, gentle and intuitive energy will make you feel at ease. He guides you through your breathwork journey with empathy and care. His level of care extends after your session. I really appreciated the follow-up. If you have read this far. Do it! What are you waiting for?"
-Holly, Brand Manager

So much gratitude to John for an incredibly psychedelic, integrating and profound breathwork journey."
-Cassie, Therapist

"This was my first breathwork session in person with a guide, but I have experience with this modality and practice very regularly. Hence why I was completely blown away by what a profound and life-changing experience that unfolded within John’s beautiful container. The experience has transformed me personally on many levels and as a result my future path, and I am still washed with so much gratitude and awe for the process that I experienced and continue to integrate and weave. From experience I know that the difference is due to John’s powerful and yet calm presence that he brings, the experience and wisdom he embodies from his personal path, as he transmits such a beautiful sense of heart, safety, intuition, and grace, I felt seen and heard from the moment we started, so it was incredibly swift to drop in and surrender to my process in this very supportive calm and safe container.
I have so much warmth and gratitude towards John as this single experience has been a gift that keeps giving as I continue to ingrate the gems that have unfolded for me since. I would definitely encourage those who feel called, even just a little, to experience his medicine."
-Nathalie, Breathwork Facilitator

John was very warm, welcoming and patient which makes all the difference, he gently guided me through a pretty life-changing breathing exercise I'll never forget. Many emotions were stirred up which I struggle to show but he really helped me open up. It was a deeply spiritual experience, which ended with what I'd consider a good friendship with John. I also came away with some good tools to use in my daily life when I'm struggling with anxiety, remembering the breath is so very important. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to show up for themselves and dive deep. This was my first breathwork session and It was an incredible experience. John carefully guided me through the process and was a calming presence throughout. I felt some big shifts and I’m going to incorporate a daily practice john has given me.”
– Tom, Managing Director

“His energy was calm, and from the get-go, I understood I was talking to somebody who was there to provide only warm energy and inviting nature. A month went by before our session was booked and proceeded. I was nervous at first, but John was terrific and helped keep my mind calm and ready for our first breathwork session together. By the time we were about twenty minutes in, I began to see the unique benefits breathwork provides, and how it can be a breakthrough in so many ways, for so many different reasons.
John was an amazing guide, and I can happily say he did a fantastic job at guiding our session, keeping me secure, and allowing space for my mind and emotion to conclude in a space of breakthrough and fresh perspective.”
– Joe, Musician

John was very warm, welcoming and patient which made all the difference. He gently guided me through a pretty life-changing breathing exercise I’ll never forget. Many emotions were stirred up which I struggled to show but he really helped me open up. It was a deeply spiritual experience. I also came away with some good tools to use in my daily life when I’m struggling with anxiety, remembering the breath is so very important. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to show up for themselves and dive deep.
– Tom, Photographer

“I approached the session with an open mind as to what could happen but also had intentions of what I wanted out of the session. I was thoroughly impressed with how John held the space for me, I felt safe, held and loved which enabled me to dive deeper into my own vulnerability. I also really appreciated that John was intuitively able to curate a playlist for the session which I feel really resonated with me.”
-Kyle, Adventure tourism

"What the hell was that?!”
-Nathalie, Breathwork Facilitator

"Absolutely amazing experience – I met John through a mutual friend and instantly I could feel that he was a beautiful spirit. Every step of the way from organizing on the phone, on arrival and throughout the experience I felt very safe and heard. John creates a space that lets you go within and do inner work. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and got a lot out of it, definitely a returning customer 10/10
-Zonny, Artist

"John held a beautiful intimate breathwork experience for a group of our friends yesterday and wow.... he curated such a safe and loving space that allowed some big things to move through me. I felt extremely held and cared for during the whole practice. I absolutely recommend John in the highest regard and if you have the chance to attend one of his events, jump at the opportunity. You will not be disappointed!"
- Jesse, Builder