Review: Lost Connection by Johann Hari

My most common response when someone asks me what I’m reading lately has been “It’s amazing, I highly recommend you grab a copy”. Lost Connections is no exception.

The Author, Johann Hari, is a journalist who was desperate to better understand his mental health, having been placed on anti-depressants at a young age and finding they provided no real benefit. I enjoy reading books by journalists as they are less attached to a theory than a professional in the industry. Their reputation doesn’t rely on supporting whatever theory they have sided with. However, for those of you that prefer cold hard evidence-based facts, this book have you covered too.

“You aren’t a machine with broken parts. You are an animal whose needs are not being met.” – Johann Hari

Johann travelled the world interviewing psychologists, scientists, doctors and other individuals from all walks of life while researching for this book and the result is both eye-opening and entertaining. Anecdotes that will leave an impact on the way you view depression and anxiety, whether it affects you or someone close to you.

“This showed that loneliness isn’t just some inevitable human sadness, like death. It’s a product of the way we live now.” – Johann Hari

This book covers everything from pharmaceuticals to psychedelic-assisted therapy to the impact our environment has on us. He goes into detail about how our work environments commonly operate, which often leads to depression, how modern society is creating detachment, and the ill-equipped health system struggling to identify what it means to be depressed. I highly recommend you pick up a copy if you or someone you know is dealing with depression and anxiety. Considering the information you’re given its incredibly easy and enjoyable to read, and also gives you some useful take-homes for moving forward in the future.

“Depression and anxiety might, in one way, be the sanest reaction you have, It’s a signal, saying – you shouldn’t have to live this way, and if you aren’t helped to find a better path, you will be missing out on so much that is best about being human” – Johann Hari

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